Joan Tarbell Plato

Heron World

In this painting I am working more with abstraction and simultaneous creation with music. These works evolved from a love of our land , creatures, and peoples.

Acrylic on Yupo 34 by 34  (Matted and framed)  $1600

ALearn MorAcrylic on Yupoe

Musical Meditation‚Äč

Acrylic on Board (36 by 18)  

While creating this painting  I listened to classical music and felt quiet movement. 


Homage to Whitten

Acrylic on Board w/sides  24 by 30  $1600

Juried into the International Society of Experimental Artists. This painting was inspired by an Art Show of the famous artist Whitten given at the Baltimore Museum of Art . His sculptures and paintings were amazing.

The Warning

This painting entitled "The Warning"  is mixed media on board  size 20 x 20 and provides a statement on our present culture which includes exploration of Space and Climate Change.


This painting on board evolved from my spending quiet time with patterns, shapes and colors.  This painting is 36 x 24 and sells for $800.

Ranting & Raving

A recent painting dealing with current politics.

Acrylic on canvas 36 x 24

Remembering Pompeii

This painting evolved beginning with acrylic reds, oranges and blues with loose abstract images. Since I love art history I began to work images of Pompeii to include aquaducts, and a Roman man and woman, Papyrus paper, pottery and gold (one of their precious metals).

These volcanic eruptions still continue destruction today in our world.