New Poetry:

Deep Purple Blue

The deep hues of blue and purple

Gossamer evening veils traversing

Across the concert hall

Like wings of gliding night herons.

Highlights of piercing yellow light reflections,

Ignite vibrations within.

Up, up on the active vibrant stage

Five players sing amidst the melting fog

Weaving their voices in and out

Like threads in a Navajo blanket

Shouting “come what may...come what may...

I will love you...until my dying day.”

Sitting contemplative, enlarged in space

The music moving my internal face

Notes pushing like the wildest winds

I feel this night, don’t need more light

Encased in purple ecstasy

Lit outside by incandescent light.

The sounds of distant rain resonate

Your force, the everlasting love

So safely rooted way inside

Painted oh so carefully by me

With unvarnished color profoundly true

The depths of love- Deep Purple Blue.



The Blackbird in the Palm Tree

It’s 85 degrees and the patio door is

Slammed and locked tight.

Cool air emanates from the baseboard

As the blackbird outside

Quickly flies into the tall prominent tree.

​It sways with its brilliant chartreuse fruits,

Rubbed tight to the coarse palm bark.

Five minutes later it is still there

Peering out.

As I do too, through my ancient screen,

Wondering how long each of us

Will continue to live, breathe and see

These precious idle movements of life,

Each so connected, yet in solitude

Hugging life.

JTPlato Feb 2019

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