Heron World

I have begun a new series working more with abstraction and simultaneous creation with music. These new works evolve from a love of our land , creatures, and peoples.

Acrylic on Yupo 34 by 34  (Matted and framed)  $1600

ALearn MorAcrylic on Yupoe

Musical Meditation‚Äč

Acrylic on Board (36 by 18)   

Homage to Whitten

Acrylic on Board w/sides  24 by 30  $1600

The Warning

This is a recent painting which is mixed media on board  size 20 x 20 and provides a statement on our culture.


A recent painting on board that evolved from patterns, shapes and colors.  This painting is 36 x 24.

Ranting & Raving

A recent painting dealing with current politics.

Acrylic on canvas 36 x 24

Remembering Pompeii

This painting evolved beginning with acrylic reds, oranges and blues with loose abstract images. Since I love art history I began to work images of Pompeii to include aquaducts, and a Roman man and woman, Papyrus paper, pottery and gold (one of their precious metals).

These volcanic eruptions still continue destruction today in our world.